By Danielle,

What Affects our Perceptions?

5/09/2012 DK 0 Comments


Our perceptions and understandings of the world are not solely based on our visual and auditory system. These systems are responsible for our direct contact with the visual and auditory world by merely receiving them – seeing and hearing the objects within the range of colour spectrum, frequency and intensity. The “feelings” associated with them are not produced only by our system but also by discourse (What thoughts do we normally associate with a particular facial expression? What are we typically encouraged to feel when hearing a particular music?).

We receive visible and audible information but do not make “objective” perceptions based on them. Instead, we subconsciously employ the pre-existing perceptions and discourses designed to purposely or accidentally alter our thoughts. While an exploitation of this is an effective way of engaging with the external world, the unfortunate fact remains that we are, as a consequence, enormously vulnerable to the disposition of the world in which we live.

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