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Although I'd like to keep my blog's visitors around as long as I can, here are some of the helpful websites I found for those of you who want to explore good philosophy websites and blogs.
The difference between these websites and my blog is that my blog is not exactly topic specific; my posts touch on various topics at an entry-level. These websites are written/made by philosophy-related institutions and/or philosophy teachers/professors, and explore specific topics at an in-depth level.

Alternatively, you can find these websites by visiting the 'More' tab above: More - Philosophy Websites


Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: The IEP is a non-profit organisation which provides detailed information in all areas of philosophy. The website is organised alphabetically, with the contents provided and edited by the volunteer work of philosophers.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: The SEP gives up-to-date information in all areas of philosophy 'by the members of a distinguished Editorial Board'. Click on Table of Contents and you will see a list of alphabetically-organised entries.

Group Blogs
(Blogs run by a number of different authors/philosophers)

This blog is updated regularly by a number of different authors whose personal websites/blogs you can access by clicking on the 'Authors' tab.

It is sponsored by Baylor University, contributed to by a number of contemporary epistemologists. This blog explores epistemological areas of philosophy - e.g. contextualism, justification, knowledge, memory, perception, scepticism, and more.

PEA Soup is 'a blog designed to provide a forum for discussing philosophy, ethics, and academia,' with the topics ranging from metaethics, normative ethical theory, and applied ethics, to political philosophy, philosophy of action, and personal identity.

Philosophers' Blogs
(Blogs written by one author/philosopher)

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  1. Thank you a million times! Just bookmarked all of them!