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Fun Philosophy Websites!

9/18/2012 DK 0 Comments

Causes of Death of Philosophers

As the title suggests, it is a website which provides a list of philosophers in an alphabetical order with the causes of their death stated next to their name. Death is not fun or funny, but I thought this website was rather interesting!

The Cynic's Sanctuary

It's a brilliantly funny and, of course, cynical website which gives you a complete guide to being a cynic, what it means to be cynical, and even provides a test you can take to see whether you are a cynic!

What is Consciousness? (Information is Beautiful)

This website is not necessarily "fun" as such, but the visuals are cool to see. Well, I think so anyway. This particular page is a survey which asks your perception of consciousness, but the website has many other parts you can have a look at as well.

This website humorously explores some philosophical terms and compares what each term would mean to an ordinary person and a philosopher.

I think playing around with and exploring websites such as these are a good way of familiarising yourself with philosophy, philosophical terms, and philosophical ways of thinking, although it seems irrelevant at times. I hope you check them out, and have fun!

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