By Danielle,

Rant: Politics

9/15/2012 DK 2 Comments

For those of you who believe that politics is too complicated for just anyone (like me who hasn't "studied" it) to talk about, I'd like to share how I feel about it. I think it's really quite simple and easy. Just like anything we study, I think the only thing that puts people off politics is the fact that it is designed to put people off. It's supposed to seem as if only the smartest of the smartest can study and discuss politics, and be politicians. Otherwise, the other not-so-smart citizens would not be as dependent on the government and anything that comes out of the politicians' mouths as they would want us to be. That is why we sit back and relax, and let them do their jobs to protect us, make us richer and happier, although, unfortunately, that's not really what they're trying to achieve
But if you understand the pointless language used in politics, economics, science and whatever it is that controls every aspect of our lives, then good for you. Maybe you can explain to me why there are so many similarities between the symptoms of mercury poisoning and Alzheimer's Disease, why religion isn't allowed in schools (when science is just as abstract, doubtful and powerful, and we're supposed to be able to choose/learn objectively), and why alcohol and tobacco aren't illegal.

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  1. Well if politics was easy to understand we'd have stupid people running around thinking they knw what's best. I'd rather not risk that

  2. Who are the "stupid" people? Doesn't everyone get to have a say in something that's going to determine their lives and control their thoughts?