By Danielle,

Homophobic Language Used on Twitter

10/01/2012 DK 2 Comments

There is a website which displays real-life, real-time/live tweets which include the words "faggot", "no homo", "so gay" and "dyke". There are literally tens of thousands of tweets everyday including these terms. Although some of these may not be used in a negative way (e.g., "Someone called me a faggot today", "Stop saying 'so gay'"), a lot of them are absolutely sick (e.g., "You're a faggot if you wash your jeans every week").

Click the picture below to visit the website:
No Homophobes

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  1. Watching the tweets scroll by is both horrifying and entertaining.
    I've seen maybe two where it was someone defending the homosexual community.. all the rest are pretty shit.

  2. It's terrible, ay :( so ignorant and insensitive..