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On Ted Bundy, From A Man Who Worked With Him

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While searching for interesting stories about Ted Bundy, I came across an internet forum called Ted Bundy Community and found a thread which included the experiences of a man who used to work with him at Florida State Prison:

Ted at F.S.P.
Ted Bundy
I only worked with Ted for the last seven months of his life on deathrow. I recall his cell # was R-2-S-8, and his DC# was 069063. I worked the 4pm to 12 shift (and the occasional midnight shift on O.T.), so other than shower nights (every other night) we rarely had to take him out of his cell. There were the occasional calls to his lawyer (Polly Nelson & Diane Weiner) which required transporting him to the phone area. Of course each time we removed any deathrow inmate from their cell we had to cuff them first. In June of 1989 he initiated an investigation that involved me when he accused me of intercepting some legal mail to his attorney Polly nelson. It seems that he drafted a 24 page letter that was to be used as another appeal, and in my opinion would have been effective, but the letter never made it to its destination. Because I was the officer that picked up outgoing mail on the row that night, Ted assumed that I was the one that intercepted the letter. I did see (and read) the letter, and I recall him even asking to see the letter again before all the mail was turned in to be sent out of the prison, but he did not want me to return the letter to him. In his grievance, he stated that it appeared the letter had been folded up, so he thought I folded it to remove it from the rest and sneak it out of the prison. Anyway, after his claims were denied, he half-assed apologized to me by saying "If you did not take it, I am sorry for accusing you, but you were the only common denominator." Other than that, he was always polite and respectful, and appeared to be above average intelligence. You could pick nearly any topic with him, and he would be the authority on it. He was soft spoken, and kept to himself (other than helping other inmates with their legal work. Ted used to seem to get a kick out of scaring visitors that were touring the prison, until the prison stopped bringing visitors by his cell on R-wing. He also was like a chameleon in that he seemed to be able to frequently change his appearance. One day his hair seemed curly or parted on this side, then the next day it seemed straight or parted on the other side, or his eye color seemed different etc. I have also seen him make the scary eyes and face that some of his living victims told of. He seemed to like to manipulate people a lot, and very much enjoyed the celebrity status he had. He worked out a lot in his cell (push ups, sit ups and rapid pacing). He smoked, and solicited money for canteen and smokes from people who wrote him. I never got the thing about people thinking he was so good-looking, but then he was 42 (I was 25), and prison does no favors to anyone's looks. I will see if I can recall anything else that may be of interest.
His stories are indeed very fascinating. For more, visit the forum!

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