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A few months ago I created a polls page including 15 questions regarding aspects of morality, philosophy, psychology, politics and so on. Not all polls are closed, and some of them didn't get as many responses as I would have liked them to, but nevertheless, I made the results into pie charts. Some of the responses are interesting, especially the responses to number 7 (I'm not judging...).
I hope you enjoy the results!

1. Is abortion morally wrong?

2. What do you think about gay marriage?

3. You are given a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity which requires you to live in a new city, leaving your ill parent(s) behind. You would:

4. Are moral principles/judgments objectively true - in other words, are there universal moral truths?

5. The trolley case: A run-away trolley will kill 5 (innocent) people. You have the power to divert the trolley. Once diverted, the trolley will kill 1 (innocent) person. Would you divert the trolley?

6. In the same trolley case, if the one innocent person (who will be killed if you divert the trolley to save 5 people) is your direct family member, partner or friend, would you divert the trolley?

7. You witness a child drowning in water that is not deep enough for you to drown in. You are wearing a new $200 pair of shoes. You do not have enough time to take off the shoes. Would you save the child, ruining your new shoes?

8. You receive a mail from a trusted charity organisation, asking you to donate $200 in order to help children in poverty. Would you donate $200 knowing that your money is not going to be wasted in non-charity related costs?

9. A machine copies all your information (cells, memories, ...) and sends them to another machine in a different place. The original "you" gets destroyed as the information transfers to the other machine which creates an identical "you". Is this a transporter?

10. Imagine there is an "experience machine" which lets you feel all the desirable experiences you want while in reality you are merely lying inside a machine. Would you attach yourself to this machine for the rest of your life?

11. Is it morally permissible to require past sex offenders to be registered and their information to be publicly accessible?

12. Is pornography harmful for society?

13. Does religion do more harm than good?

14. Is it morally acceptable to torture a terrorist or a suspected associate of a terrorist in order to prevent terrorism?

15. Should the government be able to control what we eat/drink to "fight obesity"? E.g. Should there be a special tax on junk food?


  1. Interesting..
    But who wouldn't save a drowning child?!!


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