SlutWalk is For Fat, Ugly, Loser Girls That Guys Don’t Want

10/17/2012 DK 3 Comments

In my previous post, I talked about the idea of SlutWalk and the support and objections it has attracted. Then I found this article. The author, who is anonymous, seems to have rather creative writing skills and wide vocabulary, but seems to have completely missed the point of SlutWalk. This is an example of how NOT to argue against anything. To be able to discuss a topic, you should first be able to understand at least the main idea of the topic in question.

Source: Melbuniblog
“Stop the violence, stop the hate,” hordes of  freakishly ugly women chant as they parade down the streets thinking they are making a huge difference in the world. You might wonder why they are so vocal about such a cause?  Well let’s find out.

So what is SlutWalk really? It all started in 2011, but quite simply it is overweight sea cows, expired cougars and munt-worthy fuglies, that all merge and proudly admit to being easy lays. They know that they won’t be getting any sort of attention from men, so they rely on signalling their sexual promiscuity to capture a desperate male willing to dumpster dive to some pretty low depths as he has no other options. Marketing themselves as easy bangs is almost a ploy that in their deluded minds, permit them to compete with more attractive females. Of course, it’s a useless strategy, because most high-value men who have some options will run after their perfunctory smash of these inhumane beasts.

The sub-par females that rock up to these events are often the ones that do not have the ability to retain any man with anything close to an average Sexual Market Value. They gain “Confidence” by knowing that some dude that didn’t bother to learn her name, banged her and never called her again. They feel “Liberated” that they have huge notch counts with guys who would not admit to knowing them in the face of daylight. They feel “Empowered” by continually getting pumped and dumped by guys who discard them like yesterday’s trash.

On a more basic level, its a known fact that women are the gatekeepers of sex, and letting every Tom, Dick (Heh) and Harry through those gates (ie. Between your legs) really shows how high-value you are. Yup, a high value man is bound to pay full price (ie. commit)  for heavily used and damaged goods (ie. You). Oh, and continue utilising your physical prime by taking lengthy rides on the cock carousel and then don’t forget to start complaining about where all the good men went when you’re well past your prime and spinsterhood becomes a reality.

So let’s just get an idea of what I’m referring to here.
Above is a “Curvy, Beautiful, Liberated, Strong-Willed, Independent, Educated, and Liberated” female who attended one of these incredibly useless protests.

Let’s take a moment and try to understand this from the perspective of this hideous She-Beast.

There is no doubt some self-soothing psychological angle at work here. Obese whores who enjoy bragging to the world about being easy are not really conveying to others so much as they are trying to convince themselves of their massive desirability to the opposite sex. An EMPOWERED, LIBERATED  Slutwalk is just the remedy for an ugly, loser girl that guys don’t give the time of day to. She can continue to roar at the top of her lungs along with the rest of these lowlifes about what a catch she is, and maybe for that split second — that sweet afternoon escape on the streets of the city — she forces herself to even believe it, and her self-esteem rises exponentially as she swiftly forgets  all those degrading, sloppy one night stands as some sort of misguided evidence of her incredible looks and desirability.

But then reality hits, and it hits hard.

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  1. Are you retarded? Or just being facetious? Slutwalk is about ANTI-RAPE. Saying that based on their clothing or the way they look peiod is a completely just cause for a man to rape them. They are not giving it up, they are not sluts, AND IVE SEEN SOME EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE SLUTWALK WOMEN. You make me sick dude.

  2. Karen, I think this post was just copied and pasted, not actually written by this blog's author... You should go to the original post and complain.

  3. lol pretty funny read. obviously trolling but I'm sure you already knew that.