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Music and Health - Playlist (Spirituality, Religious and Emotional Mind #1)

11/08/2012 DK 0 Comments

I have a list of songs I occasionally listen to, which stimulate my spiritual, religious and emotional mind.


Title: All the Way My Savior Leads Me
Composer: Dr. Robert Lowry
Genre: Choral, Hymn

This has always been my favourite hymn since I have been attending church from the age of four. The nature of the lyrics have particularly appeared to me: the absolute power of God and my reliance on and trust in Him. Since leaving Korea I have been lazy with my religious practices. Thus, listening to this piece always works to draw me closer to God and reminds me of my relationship with Him and my religion. Also, when faced with significant problems in life, singing this song while playing the piano calms me down and strengthens my faith in God. It reminds me that once I let go of my worldly worries and focus on my religious self and purpose, the troubles in my mind will be resolved.

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