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Music and Health - Playlist (Spirituality, Religious and Emotional Mind #3)

11/08/2012 DK 0 Comments

Title: Tears in Heaven
Composer: Eric Clapton and Will Jennings
Performer: Eric Clapton
Genre: Soft rock, Acoustic blues

Listening to this piece brings me to tears and sends chills throughout my body as I listen to Clapton's heart-felt lyrics about the death of his son. Although I have not experienced what is described in the song, it is nevertheless personal through my empathy and love for anybody who may be going through such awful and horrific experiences.
As mentioned a few posts back, emotion recognition and emotional intelligence (Resnicow, Salovey & Repp, 2004) are said to be beneficial for mental and physical health. This song serves as my emotional outlet with which I can accept, express and amplify my own feelings of appreciation for my family and friends and perhaps sadness.

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