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Top 5 Bizarre and Sexually Explicit Songs

11/16/2012 DK 0 Comments

It seems that these days the mainstream "music" is becoming more and more (sexually) explicit and vulgar. (Well, actually, it's not just nowadays; these songs have been around for a long time as far as I can tell.) Or is it just me? At only 20, am I already becoming the boring, dull, conservative party-pooper type who frowns at the "fun" and "cool" things? Well, even if that's the case, it's true that sometimes I can't help but frown at some of the lyrics of the songs.

And here are the top 5 bizarre songs (not necessarily in order as they're just as good/bad as each other) I've come across so far:

5. Pussy by Lords of Acid. Basically the singer wants to see some pussy. She compares her own to others', asserting that "compared to [hers], [theirs] are mean and ugly". Perhaps "pussy" is a metaphor for something deeper that I just don't get. Maybe she's talking about "inner" beauty?

4. Just Put It In My Mouth by Akinyele. This song is a great love story between a boy and a girl, sure to make you go "awww!" It's all about sharing and giving each other what they want - i.e. putting it in her mouth.

3. Pull My Hair by Ying Yang Twins. Listening to this song is like listening to two people having sex. It makes me feel rude as if I'm invading their privacy. Nevertheless, it is a song good enough to make the Beatles cry.

2. Gimme Head by E-40, a.k.a the most romantic song of all time! Guys, this is your ultimate guide to getting the ladies; learn the sweet-talking skills from this song! For example, saying "Gimme head, hoe" is going to get you so popular.

1. Pussy by Lady. In this song, as well as in her many other songs, she loves to talk about her "pussy". She is the best musician out at the moment and should be more appreciated and her talent more recognised.

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