By Danielle,

Anonymous Comments Disabled

5/20/2013 DK 0 Comments

I'm definitely not amused.
Since the post 'David Parker Ray's Audio Tape Transcript' is attracting some of the sickest comments by some of the most disgusting and unworthy trashy scumbags of the internet, I've decided to disable anonymous commenting. I knew the internet is filled with these so-called "trolls" but I was naive to think that I wouldn't see such insensitive comments on a serious and disturbing post as the transcript which was intended for informational purposes and assumed to trigger pure rage and overwhelming sympathy for the victims.

For the future, I will work on integrating the Facebook comment form.

Thanks all.

UPDATE: The Disqus comment form is now integrated with this blog, which allows you to comment using your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Disqus account, and lets you vote up or down comments.

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