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Man Kills His Children

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Sick and disturbing things happen on a daily basis in the world that we're living in. But it is rare that we hear stories of a parent killing their children, although they have happened many times in the past. We like to believe that the unconditional and can't-live-without kind of love exists in all families.

This was not the case for a French father (48) who allegedly killed his two children (5 and 10) on 19 May, 2013.

An article, taken from UPI, reads:
LYON, France, May 19 (UPI) -- A man in France allegedly killed his two children on the first weekend he had custody of them after splitting with his ex-wife, an official said. 
Police in Lyon, France, arrested a 48-year-old Briton, whose name was not reported, for allegedly killing his two children at the center of a custody dispute with his ex-wife, Britain's Sunday Telegraph reported. 
The mother, whose name was not reported, bumped into her ex-husband as he was leaving the lobby of his apartment building while wearing roller skates and covered in blood  She then found her two children -- ages 5 and 10 -- dead in his apartment. 
"It was the first time since the divorce that the man was allowed to be alone with the children," a judicial source told the Telegraph. He said a knife, "which may have been used for the murders," was found in the apartment. 
The man allegedly had problems with alcohol and physically abused his ex-wife in the past, the newspaper said.
Some of the other sources say that this man was British, not French.
No other information has been available yet - for example, regarding the man's mental health or his motives.

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