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Miami Zombie Victim A Year Later

5/27/2013 DK 0 Comments

We all remember the horrific Miami "zombie" case in which a man who was thought to be on bath salts ate another man's face, although it has since been discovered that he was not on bath salts. And although I didn't write about the case on this blog, I decided to post a more positive side of the story (as impossible as it seems..) one year later from the incident (It's been a year already?).

A few days ago, a video of the homeless victim of the incident, Ronald Poppo, has surfaced showing the incredible progress of his recovery. The video shows Poppo in seemingly good spirits with even a sense of humour and a message to thank those who have helped and are continuing to help him.
He has lost his vision but all other functions are said to be in good condition, and he is happy with the way he is now and does not want any more work done; he is just grateful for the help he has received. [Source: cbsnews]

According to the nurse manager at the Jackson Memorial Perdue Medical Centre, where Poppa lives, Poppa doesn't blame the attacker, Rudy Eugene, for what happened, saying 'I'm sure that that man had a bad day that day.' [Source: cbsnews]

Reading this story, I was lost for words. I was more shocked than just amazed by Poppo's positive attitudes. I don't know what I expected him to be like; perhaps he was going to be resentful and in despair?

What I take from this story is not only my happiness to see Poppa in a better condition and gratitude towards the doctors and nurses, but a reminder that I must not underestimate the human resilience and the power of the mind. In adversity, we react and behave in different ways but I believe that ultimately, our survival instincts and determination prevail.

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