Colour Perception, The Philosophical Way

6/15/2015 DK 0 Comments

It seems almost impossible to talk about the philosophy of colour perception any different way other than what's already been discussed for years and years. While I admit the depth of my philosophical thinking doesn't lead to anything anyone should take seriously... it seems as if the discussion about colour perception always ends where it starts: "What you see is what you see."

So I found it quite refreshing to see an article that talks about the philosophy of colour perception in a way which, in my opinion, really focuses on philosophy and the person who is perceiving the colour rather than the science and psychology of colour perception.

The article by Malcolm Harris discusses colour perception as talked about in the book, Outside Color, written by M. Chirimuuta.

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Give the article a read and see why the mere existence the topic of colour perception is what makes us separate from animals and a reason why the human perception is worth talking about in terms of philosophy rather than science.

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