Life is Absurd - Relativity, Absurdity, Time and Space

While browsing the internet, I came across an article on time, space, relativity, meaning and absurdity, and was so taken by it that I wanted to share the piece with you all. The writer, Rivka Weinberg, discusses the complex subjects mentioned above in a way that just makes sense.

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Why Life is Absurd

by Rivka Weinberg

A Consideration of Time, Space, Relativity, Meaning and Absurdity (Yep, All of It)

I. Relativity

DZIGAN: Professor Einstein said, "In the world, there is time. And just as there is time, there is another thing: space. Space and time, time and space. And these two things," he said, "are relative."

Do you know what "relative" means?

SHUMACHER: Sigh. Nu? The point? Continue.

DZIGAN: There is no person these days who doesn't know what "relative" means. I will explain it to you with an analogy and soon you will also know. Relativity is like this: If you have seven hairs on your head, it's very few but if you have seen hairs in your milk, it's very many.

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Rivka Weinberg is an associate professor of philosophy at Scripps College, in Claremont, Calif. She is the author of a book on procreative ethics, "The Risk of a Lifetime," forthcoming from Oxford University Press.