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Music and Health - Playlist (Belongingness #1)

11/08/2012 DK 0 Comments

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I have provided a list of songs which particularly interact with my mind in a way that makes me feel warm, accepted and as one with other things or people.

Title: Black or White
Composer: Michael Jackson and Bill Bottrell
Performer: Michael Jackson
Genre: Pop rock, Rap rock

The fact that this song was composed and sung by a much loved musician, Michael Jackson, with fans from all over the world itself provides me with a sense of belonging as it denotes a common interest within individuals from many different backgrounds. More importantly, however, the lyrics of this song target a social problem, racism, experienced in all parts of the world, promoting acceptance, tolerance and understanding of the similarities between people. It is particularly personal to me as I have and still do experience racism. Listening to Jackson's powerful voice and lyrics gives me a sense of empowerment and hopefulness to unite and resolve the problem together.

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