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Music and Health - Playlist (Belongingness #4)

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[Visual - Flash mob video]
Title: Do-Re-Mi (A remix of "Do-Re-Mi" by Maria and the children)
Original Composer: Richard Rodgers
Performer: Flash mob in Antwerp train station
Genre: Musical

It is said that music and imagery are closely connected and that 'music can be a potent force for stimulating imagery' (Rossman, 2007), meaning musicking along with visuals is a powerful way of guiding one's state of mind into the desired direction. I experience the total submission of my mind into the feeling of belonging and unity when watching this video of a flash mob. The dance is performed in a train station where people from all kinds of backgrounds gather, and to a song to which people of all ages can enjoy (Do-Re-Mi): It really is a performance able to be appreciated globally. The performers' big and positive body movements, smiles and the togetherness of their perfectly coordinated dances also bring about a sense of belonging to the world and the humankind, rather than to a specific and narrower group.

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