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Music and Health - Playlist (Mood and Body #2)

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Title: We Will Rock You
Composer: Brian May
Performer: Queen
Genre: Rock

Title: We Are the Champions
Composer: Freddie Mercury
Performer: Queen
Genre: Rock

As a long-time fan of Queen, these two songs have been some of my favourite motivational songs since I was little. When I feel down or like a failure, I listen to these songs and instantly feel uplifted by gaining the positive mindset as elicited by the lyrics: I can do anything, I am the champion! I often sing along to these in the shower and scream out incomprehensible lyrics with friends, ready to have a good day or night. More importantly, these two were my favourite workout songs along with other upbeat rock 'n roll pieces. I remember wanting to give up running on the treadmill but always ending up getting the extra push I needed from these songs, which played a significant role in my success of losing a total of twelve kilograms.

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