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Music and Health - Playlist (Mood and Body #1)

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[Visual - Collection of short videos]
Title: I Have Never Loved Someone (Video)
Composer: My Brightest Diamond
Performer: My Brightest Diamond
Genre: Alternative

The website which produced this video had asked for and received short videos from people from all over the world hugging their cameras (as if they are hugging the audience of the video). Although the song is rather slow and almost sad, it is really about a mother expressing her unconditional love for her son. With this song in the background, the video is very touching: Everyday-people like me are showing their affection and care for the random strangers out in the world on camera. It gives me mixed feelings of belonging and pride in the world, but most importantly, happiness. Watching this video accompanied by the slow love-themed song instantly lights up my mood as I almost actually sense theses strangers' love for me.

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