By Danielle,

Music and Health - Playlist (Spirituality, Religious and Emotional Mind #4)

11/08/2012 DK 0 Comments

Title: Killing in the Name
Composer: Rage Against the Machine
Performer: Rage Against the Machine
Genre: Rap metal

This song is another way in which I express my emotions. There are times when I am unable to correctly recognise my own frustration and therefore unable to resolve the inner conflicts in my mind. Listening to this song is a satisfying way of indirectly releasing frustration and stress and therefore becoming closer to myself by gaining a better understanding of my mind. Moreover, this song addresses some of the core problems in our society through the powerful lyrics, instrumentals and voice. This empowerment (unity and strength against the wrongs of society), in a way, also helps me meditate my mind and take a step closer to the kind of mentally and emotionally strong person I want to become.

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