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Music and Health - Playlist (Mood and Body Intro)

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Mood and Body

Lastly, music listening and making can alter our moods and consequently improve our physical health. Musicking can be employed for stress management as it has been found that listening to music, particularly classical music, decreases the cortisol level which is the the main hormone induced in stressful situations (Yehuda, 2011). It has
also been studied that musical activities can assist to improve physical health outcomes by altering mood, cuing for physical movement and making physical activity more enjoyable (Murrock & Higgins, 2009). Additionally, a study of 'the relation of the clinical application of music and mood in persons receiving treatment for alcoholism' found that music listening was correlated with 'increased feelings of well being and improved mood' (Horvath, 1998), indicating the usefulness and significance of musicking in therapy and improvement of the quality of life.

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